Community Foundation of New Jersey

Lend a Hand: Refugee Crisis in Europe

September 23, 2015

Civil war and the rise of ISIS are taking their toll on Syria and Iraq, with thousands of refugees making their way through Turkey, Central Europe, and now Scandinavia. The number of child refugees now exceeds those during World War II, with the situation expected to get worse before it gets better. Fundholders and donors across New Jersey have asked us about the most promising interventions on the ground, and how they can help these migrant families.

Below is our list of recommended organizations doing good work in response to this crisis. To make a gift, please login to your fund online or call us at 973-267-5533.

Mercy Corps is on the ground in Greece, helping the new refugee arrivals by providing food, water and critical information and communication services. CLICK HERE.

Save the Children quickly moved to meet the growing needs of children and families on the move, allocating funding from its Children’s Emergency Fund to respond to the crisis in several locations. CLICK HERE.

The International Rescue Committee is delivering critical and lifesaving aid, including safe drinking water and sanitation, to vulnerable families fleeing to Europe from Syria and other conflict zones. CLICK HERE.

Thank you for your generosity at this time of acute need.