Community Foundation of New Jersey

NJ Recovery Fund Update: Inform & Engage Programming

April 22, 2014

We believe that reliable and accessible news and information plays an important role in the health and well-being of New Jersey’s communities. NJRF supported eleven projects that inform and engage the public on issues the state faces as it recovers from Superstorm Sandy. Some of the highlights from projects in this focus area follow.

WNYC/New Jersey Spotlight (NJS) were funded to support a 12-month collaborative project combining in-depth accountability journalism with community engagement to chronicle and support NJ’s recovery. With funds from the grant, an experienced reporter, Scott Gurian, was hired and is currently providing some of the best in-depth reporting on the recovery process, particularly the environmental and policy issues. WNYC has broadcast most of his stories to a significant regional audience.

WNYC/NJS are also collaborating with WHYY and its Sandy reporter, Tracey Samuelson, to share coverage and expertise. Scott’s and Tracey’s stories are appearing on NJ Spotlight, WNYC/NJPR and WHYY.

All of Scott Gurian’s coverage can be viewed here.

Other Inform and Engage grants include: