On Our 2015 Agenda: Human Trafficking

January 2, 2015

The Community Foundation of New Jersey, on behalf of and in partnership with many of its fundholders, has focused on eliminating the scourge of human trafficking from the Garden State and beyond.

This month marks the one-year anniversary of our work to stop human trafficking at the 2014 Super Bowl. Last week, we teamed up with the Junior Leagues of New Jersey’s State Public Affairs Committee (our original partner on this work and a fellow member of the NJ Coalition Against Human Trafficking) to distribute bars of soap to hotels and motels in Asbury Park and Ocean Grove.  Trafficking victims can call the National Human Trafficking Hotline, which is printed on the soaps’ wrappers, to be rescued.

Scroll down for more information on our collaboration with the NJ Coalition of Human Trafficking, important information on this issue, and an outline of others’ work.

What we’ve done:

UPDATE: January 26, 2015: Op-Ed: Applying the Lessons We’ve Learned about Ending the Scourge of Trafficking

August 7, 2013: CFNJ Donors Fight Human Trafficking with Soap

November 20, 2013: CFNJ Joins NJ Coalition Against Human Trafficking

January 27, 2014: Volunteers Come Together to Stop Human Trafficking

February 27, 2014: We’re In It to End It

What others have done and said:

February 4, 2014: FBI Recovers 16 Juveniles During Super Bowl

April 10, 2014: Carter Discusses Human Trafficking

April 11, 2014: Pope Francis Weighs in on Trafficking

May 21, 2014: House of Representatives Passes Anti-Trafficking Bill

June 25, 2014: FBI Sweep Rescues 168 Trafficking Victims

September 17, 2014: New Jersey Earns Perfect Score for Trafficking Laws

Human trafficking in New Jersey and beyond:

February 11, 2013: Human Trafficking Comes to New Jersey

March 13, 2014: NY Times Tackles Economics of Sex Trade


Stop Human Trafficking

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If you would like to join our efforts to stop human trafficking in New Jersey beyond, click to give at the box at right or call Margarethe Laurenzi at 973-267-5533.

For additional information and resources on human trafficking, visit the New Jersey Coalition Against Human Trafficking or the New Jersey Attorney General’s Human Trafficking Task Force.