Partnership Boosts Schools Post-Sandy

October 29, 2013

Our partnership with is really having an impact on New Jersey classrooms.  So far individual New Jerseyans have donated more than $15,000 to projects, with the Community Foundation matching that amount.  In total, we’ve fully funded 40 classroom projects impacting 2,107 students in communities hit by last year’s storm.

Consider the example of Mrs. M.’s kindergarten class.  Mrs. M. reached out to, saying, “Our school is located in a high poverty area and many of the children attending our school are still recovering from Hurricane Sandy. Many of the families were able to get some essentials back, but these children still don’t have the comfort of their very own toys or their own rooms. Many are still living with family members or renting until their homes can be rebuilt or repaired.”

Mrs. M. sought $1,000 in contributions to create a “Learning Station” with puzzles and a doll house meant to teach about multiculturalism.  The project’s cost was “half-off” thanks to the Communtiy Foundation’s grant and donors made up the difference.  What’s been the impact?  Mrs. M. sent along this note (below) and her students shared a few drawings of their new doll house.

“The children were so excited when I put the new learning station together. It was so exciting to see the children play with the puzzles and doll house and tell stories of their traditions and share some culture with their friends and the class. It is a station that will continue to grow and teach the children about multi-culturalism and the world.  I will continue to try and add to the doll house and allow the children to bring in their own pictures to share with the class. I will also try and invite families in to share their traditions with the class.”


So what is this partnership all about?  The Community Foundation of New Jersey partnered with to provide direct support to teachers and students in schools impacted by Hurricane Sandy. A $100,000 grant from the Community Foundation ensures that all of the giving opportunities listed below come at “half price” to you. Just help us fill the gap and together we’ll get these classrooms performing at a level our students and teachers deserve.

Click here to see the list of projects.

You can give to any project that appeals to you; the possibilities are only limited to what our teachers need.  And you can also choose how you give, whether that’s using your credit card or your Donor Advised Fund.  Let’s get New Jersey’s schools back in shape!