Community Foundation of New Jersey

Student with Questions on Scholarship Renewals?

We get a lot of questions from students, parents, and faculty on the requirements for receiving subsequent payments from a scholarship.  Please read the below information.  If you have additional questions, call Colleen Smith at 973-267-5533.

If you are interested in setting up your own scholarship fund, that’s a different ball of wax, and we invite you to click here or give us a call at 973-267-5533!

In order to receive subsequent payments, students are required to submit the following documents by June 30th of each year to maintain eligibility of their scholarship:

  • Letter of request (narrative of past year experiences)
  • Proof of continued enrollment or Fall class schedule
  • Transcripts (must have your name on it)
  • Foundation for Education Scholarship and Vincent P. Arabia Scholarship recipients need to provide a current educational institute bill must have your name on it.

Additional information may be requested at the Community Foundation’s discretion.  Failure to submit a letter of request by June 30th will forfeit any opportunity to receive future payments.