We’re [very much] open for business: a refresher on our grants process

April 20, 2020

Just a reminder that the Community Foundation of New Jersey is open for business, doing what we always do. Here’s a quick reminder of how the grantmaking process works:

  1. Fundholders make recommendations – onlinevia email, or over the phone.
  2. We process those grant recommendations within one week.
  3. We send out email notifications to grantees of their awards and that same day, issue either a) a check that goes out from our bank via USPS, or b) an electronic bank transfer using information that the nonprofit provides us. Sometimes the contact information needs updating, but usually, if we have current ACH information, we have the name and email of the person who the nonprofit has asked us to notify. It shouldn’t be a mystery to them, although sometimes it is!
  4. If a nonprofit partner receives an interbank transfer from “Community Found” (it sometimes shows up that way), s/he should check the email inbox for corresponding information about the grant. We never send a grant without a corresponding email.

Nonprofits that would like to update their ACH info may click here.

We have put out more than $5 million in grants from CFNJ fundholders since COVID-19 has taken hold, and we expect our fundholders to continue to be generous and supportive of the amazing people and nonprofits working to alleviate suffering and help people get back on their feet.

If you have questions, you can always reach a member of our grants administration team: Karen Arias (karias@cfnj.org), Viridiana Solis (vsolis@cfnj.org), or Margarethe Laurenzi (mlaurenzi@cfnj.org).

We’re available seven days a week and most hours of the day to talk through any of this with you.