Community Foundation of New Jersey

Fundholder Sponsors Monmouth Gun Buyback

July 30, 2015

Gun buyback programs are a safe and effective tool for removing unwanted firearms from homes and communities. Best of all, according to one of our fundholders who is particularly passionate about the issue, they are “above the fray” of politics.

Since the firearms are already unwanted, the fundholder argues, the buyback program avoids any debate around gun rights altogether. In this light, a gun buyback provides a safe disposal opportunity, a little bit of cash, and – for the community’s sake – fewer unwanted firearms that might otherwise lie around a home.

We were proud to partner with this fundholder – who wishes to remain anonymous – to sponsor gun buybacks in Rumson and Asbury Park in 2013.

And now we’re at it again, working with the fundholder to bring buybacks to Asbury Park and Keansburg this Friday and Saturday (July 31 and August 1, 2015).

For information on this buyback, contact the Monmouth County Prosecutor’s office at 732-431-7160. To bring a gun buyback to your community, contact the Community Foundation of New Jersey at 973-267-5533.