A state charitable deduction would help New Jersey’s nonprofits.

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Open a Fund

Families and businesses leverage the Community Foundation’s resources and expertise toward achieving lasting change in our state and beyond. Our work is in furtherance of our fundholders’ explicit or evolving goals, with an eye towards simplifying the process of giving and amplifying the impact of that giving. We are with you from inspiration to results.

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Create a Legacy

Many fundholders and other members of our community designate the Community Foundation as the beneficiary of their philanthropic funds. In so doing, they signal the trust that they place in the Community Foundation’s ability to implement their charitable interests in perpetuity and to identify the very best ways to steward their philanthropic legacies.

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Join Our Work

The Community Foundation welcomes fundholders and other community members to actively participate in our Changemaker work. Whether we are reforming NJ’s juvenile justice system or raising awareness of human trafficking, we believe that connecting donors’ philanthropic interests to critical imperatives in the state and pooling their dollars with our own allows us to have a greater impact on issues that matter.

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Janssen Cares Contributions Fund

Applicants to the 2018 Janssen Cares Contributions Fund can access the Application Guidelines, Documentation Checklist and Cover Sheet through this link.

Johnson & Johnson Healthcare Systems Fund

The Community Foundation is pleased to partner with Johnson & Johnson Health Care Systems Inc., effective January 1, 2018, to facilitate their charitable contributions that support work in the community by nonprofit organizations. Please note that nonprofits focused on healthcare and basic needs in Somerset and Hunterdon Counties should apply directly to the Johnson & Johnson Somerset County Companies HealthCare and Basic Needs Fund and not to the Johnson & Johnson Health Care Systems Inc. Fund. For information, please contact Nancy Magee at NMagee@cfnj.org.

Additional information available here: Information and Guidelines for Giving

Our fundholders are passionate about many issues and many communities. Read how they are partnering with us to create lasting, positive change.

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