Giving Your Philanthropy Time and Leverage

While they are outstanding vehicles for planned giving, private foundations come with a set of administrative tasks and regulatory requirements that can distract from the philanthropic mission.

Our Foundation Services give you the time, support and advantages your philanthropy can leverage for maximum impact.

Donor Advised Fund Option

Create tax advantages and open a whole new set of charitable options by establishing a Donor Advised Fund with us. Use a Donor Advised Fund to complement an existing private foundation and gain access to all of our donor services. Plus leverage a number of other benefits, including:

Excise Tax Planning. Contribute additional qualifying distributions to a Donor Advised Fund, and reduce excise taxes on realized gains and earned investment income.

5% Payout Solution. Gain flexibility in your grant-making plans by making your 5% IRS payout requirement to a Donor Advised Fund.

Keep Grant-Making Private. Information about private foundations is readily available for public inspection. Use a Donor Advised Fund to anonymously achieve a charitable goal.

Conversion Option

Give your family’s philanthropy the gift of time by converting your private foundation to a Donor Advised Fund. We will take care of the time-consuming administration and legal responsibilities while you enjoy all the flexibility of a private foundation, access to a suite of donor services and the added benefits of:

Reduced Costs. Tap into expert resources that streamline investing, grant-making, accounting, and tax filings over hundreds of family philanthropies for economies of scale.

Greater Tax Benefits. Receive greater tax incentives on future gifts, such as fair market value deduction of closely held stock contributions and higher AGI deductibility thresholds for cash and publicly traded security gifts.

More Giving Time. Enjoy the time you save by focusing on your philanthropy and making a difference in the organizations, issues, and communities that are personally most important to you and your family.

Consulting & Management Options

Focus more on your charitable vision, and less on administrative tasks and regulations with a suite of services designed to give valuable time back to the creators, families, and directors of private foundations. Here are three ways in which we can help you gain leverage for your giving:

Strategic Design and Focus: Our staff can provide in-depth research, and explore key area trends and historical grant patterns. We can also follow up on end-of grant reports and present evaluations.

Grant Management: We can handle all grant inquiries, filter unsolicited grant requests, accept and review grant proposals, issue grant checks, and process denial and award letters.

Board Preparation: Our staff can settle board meeting schedules, agendas, and location, prepare the board book and minutes, create grant summaries and recommendations, and handle all communications.