Our more than 1,000 fundholders say these are the top five reasons they work with us.

  1. We make it easy to give effectively. Our fundholders are doing spectacular things across the philanthropic spectrum, initiating thousands of grants each year. For the fundholder, it’s as easy as choosing where to give. But we add the sophistication of a trusted philanthropic partner with your priorities top of mind.
  2. We’re fiercely loyal. We’ll send donations to the nonprofits you recommend. But if you leave us a bequest, we’ll perpetuate your philanthropic legacy in line with your values and goals. Whatever your cause, we’ll do the research, partnership-building, site visits, and impact assessment to ensure your philanthropy lives on and drives the change you desire.
  3. We’re entirely flexible. Some of our fundholders prefer donor advised funds, others like to give directly to the Community Foundation and entrust us to steward their dollars. In between, we offer a range of scholarship funds, specific issue funds, designated agency funds, and other special projects. And we accept a wide range of assets. Done well, there’s no limit to the ways you can give.
  4. We care about the same things that you do. Unlike some national institutions, we have a stake in the same communities as you. We start and end each day thinking about positive change from High Point to Cape May. Tell us your county and we’d love to tell you about our work there. Because this is our home, too.
  5. We have a well-earned reputation for results. By bringing fundholders together with nonprofits, developing strategies that maximize social return on investment, and offering our own Changemaker projects, we deliver clear outcomes and report back to you on our combined progress. It’s why New Jersey’s largest companies, nonprofits, and venture philanthropists turn to us for counsel.