Our partnerships with professional advisors are an important relationship for connecting charitable clients to issues and areas in need. Donor-established funds offer generous tax benefits, provide philanthropic assets for our communities, and enable ongoing giving.


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When a client comes to a life choice, they often think big — about their future, about their family, about their community, about their legacy. If philanthropy is part of their thinking, we can be a resource to you. The Community Foundation of New Jersey is an ideal nonprofit partner with the knowhow, experience, and imagination to bring these client conversations to life. For more than forty years, we have supported professional advisors as they work with clients to incorporate philanthropy in their major life decisions—in a way that maximizes financial return for both the clients and the causes they care about.


We are entrusted with lifetime legacies and implementing your clients’ philanthropic objectives. We also care about the same causes and communities that your clients do. Whatever your clients’ favorite causes, we’ll do the research, partnership-building, site visits, and impact assessment to ensure their philanthropy lives on and drives the change they desire during their lifetimes and beyond. We are dedicated partners equally invested in your clients’ charitable vision.


Because your clients’ situations are unique and change over time, we tailor philanthropic plans around all types of asset contributions—from simple to the more complicated. Your clients may contribute any type of asset to their fund, at any time: Cash, Securities, Real Estate, Closely Held Businesses, Retirement Plan Beneficiaries, Charitable Lead Trusts, Life Insurance, Life Insurance Beneficiaries, Bequests, Life Income Plans, Transfers from other donor advised funds.


As a family grows, new members may provide guidance on a fund and gain a greater appreciation for their family’s core values. The giving from a fund may be entrusted to successor advisors of your client’s choice, with the client’s philanthropic intent incorporated. If needed, the Community Foundation’s relationship with your client’s successors can range from informal, on-on-one phone discussions to full-day, all-family events. The Community Foundation can help open your client’s family to the fulfillment and rewards that come with smart giving.


It’s one thing to write a check. It’s another to solve a problem. The Community Foundation of New Jersey helps families get more out of their charitable giving – for their family, for the community, for the world. We can help implement charitable projects designed with your clients’ specific goals in mind.


The Community Foundation of New Jersey provides an opportunity for your clients to do spectacular things across the philanthropic spectrum. We add the sophistication of a trusted philanthropic partner with their priorities and inspiration top of mind. It is this personalization that attracts so many professional advisors to work with us.