Families and organizations who contribute to or establish Legacy Funds enable the Community Foundation to respond quickly and nimbly to ever-changing community needs. Because of the contemporaneous and local stewardship of these funds, they are often timeless in terms of impact.

Animals & Nature

  • Dear Mother Earth Fund
  • Great Companions Fund


  • Art Girl’s Cartoonist Corps Fund for Healing Infirmities through Art and Humor
  • Arts Council of Essex Area Fund
  • Cultural Arts Endowment Fund
  • Prudential Arts Loan Fund
  • Irene A. Van Deusen Fund

Atlantic City

  • Atlantic City Community Fund

Battered Women’s Services

  • Diane Dixon Fund

Bone Marrow Registry

  • Ronald L. Weiner Memorial Fund


  • Samuel Adams Clark Fund
  • Marjorie and Linda Curtis Memorial Fund
  • Norman L. Doctoroff Fund
  • Nelson C. Doland Fund
  • Jane Engelhard Fund
  • The Allen and Consuelo Hegarty Foundation Fund
  • Irene S. Hegarty Fund
  • John & Rose LaBrec Family Fund
  • Henrietta McPherson Fund
  • Linden Stuart Fund
  • Support New Jersey Fund
  • Tangri Family Fund
  • Margaret B. Thompson Fund
  • Frances Bartlett Tyson Fund


  • Carol and William Gardam Fund
  • Kids Corp Foundation Fund
  • Rose Anthony Howard Fund
  • Passaic County Children’s Fund


  • Elisabeth C. Brinley Education Fund
  • Klemme Family Fund

Essex County

  • Arts Council of Essex Area Fund
  • Essex County Fund
  • Charles F. Nesler Trust Fund


  • George & Yvonne Alkemade Fund

Gloucester County

  • Mildred Stiles Michael Fund


  • Sheila C. Williamson Memorial Fund

Hunterdon County Families

  • Vincent F. DiFazio Charitable Foundation Fund


  • Svetlana Stalin Fund

Mercer County

  • Margit and Eli Marie Arvesen Fund
  • Mercer Foundation Fund
  • Mercer County General Fund
  • Trumbull Wood Estate Fund

Monmouth County

  • Norene Quarado Fund for Monmouth County


  • Arbor Glen Education Fund

Ocean County

  • The Gustave A. Kacsmark Memorial

Passaic County

  • Passaic County Children’s Fund


  • George A. Ohl, Jr. Fund

Poverty & Basic Needs

  • Margit and Eli Marie Arvesen Fund
  • Church in Radburn Foundation Fund
  • Human Services Association Fund
  • Social Services Fund


  • John Callahan Memorial Sailing Fund

Small Theater

  • Diane Dixon Fund

South Jersey

  • Forman S. Acton Educational Foundation Fund
  • Holman Emergency Lifeline Program Fund
  • E. Parker Worley and Lillian H. Worley Fund
  • South Jersey Foundation Fund

Sudden Death of Spouse

  • Vincent F. DiFazio Charitable Foundation Fund


  • Addison Quinn Foundation Fund