A Highly Flexible and Personal Approach to Giving

Advantages of Donor Advised Funds

Changing needs, evolving values, and new knowledge all work together to form philanthropy’s dynamic landscape. What will the needs of your community be a year from now? What will drive your priorities in the future? Some answers to those questions are clear, and some are unpredictable.

A Donor Advised Fund evolves with you and the issues that are important to you. This is a highly personal and flexible giving vehicle that will give you the privilege of recommending grants to any qualified charitable organization, at any time.

Giving your way: Go as wide or as deep as your charitable inspirations will take you. The flexibility of a Donor Advised Fund enables you to support a range of organizations, issues, and communities, now and in the future. You can add to your fund at any time, and even have the option of endowing your fund.

Establish a charitable vision: Discover the differences you want to make as you explore different areas of interest and tap the expertise and resources of the Community Foundation. Donor Advised Funds give families the time and latitude to understand what is important to them, and the flexibility to accommodate any charitable vision.

Your inspiration, your name: Establish a charitable legacy in your name, the family’s name, or in honor of an individual or organization. Grants are released in your fund’s name along with the donor advisors you wish to be listed. You always have the useful option of recommending gifts anonymously.

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