The Board of Trustees

Stewardship for Today and Tomorrow

To ensure every donor family that its philanthropic legacy will be permanent, continuous, and relevant through time, our Board of Trustees has always been comprised of accomplished leaders in civic circles and the business world. The stewardship of our mission and funds is currently entrusted to the following members:

Gerard Brew (see Profile)
McCarter & English
Paulette Brown (see Profile)
Locke Lord LLP
Kevin Cummings (see Profile)
President & CEO
Investors Bank
Hans Dekker (see Profile)
Community Foundation of New Jersey
Robert Doherty (see Profile)
New Jersey State President
Bank of America
Brendan Dougher (see Profile)
Gary Fisch (see Profile)
Gary’s Wine & Marketplace
Ryan P. Haygood (see Profile)
President and CEO
New Jersey Institute for Social Justice
Dawn M. Lauer (see Profile)
Executive Vice President and Managing Director
Barbara L. Lawrence (see Profile)
Executive Director
The Henry and Marilyn Taub Foundation
Tamara L. Linde (see Profile)
Executive Vice President and General Counsel
Kimberly Banks MacKay (see Profile)
US Head, Legal and Compliance
Novartis Business Services
Kenneth Collins MacKenzie (see Profile)
Gail Mandel (see Profile)
Managing Director
Focused Point Ventures
Helen M-S Mazarakis (see Profile)
Michael Murphy (see Profile)
Impact NJ
Harry O’Mealia (see Profile)
Chairman & CEO
1919 Investment Counsel
Ayo Sanderson (see Profile)
Chief Operations Officer and Executive Vice President
Cornerstone Family Programs
Frederick K. Schoenbrodt, II (see Profile)
Bressler, Amery & Ross
Wendy Supron (see Profile)
Community Volunteer
Eva Turbiner (see Profile)
President & CEO
Zufall Health Center
Kim Wentworth (see Profile)
Dennis Wilson (see Profile)
President & CEO
Delta Dental of New Jersey
Past Chairs
  • Bernard S. Berkowitz, Esq.
  • Theodore L. Boyer
  • Robert B. O’Brien, Jr.
  • Peter S. Reinhart, Esq.
  • Mark J. Sandler
  • Stuart D. Sendell
  • William E. Simon
  • Stephen A. Tyler
  • Thomas M. Uhlman
  • Christine Todd Whitman