Non-Profit Spotlight: Mt. Pleasant Animal Shelter

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The Community Foundation of New Jersey team recently took a trip to East Hanover to meet with the staff at the Mt. Pleasant Animal Shelter. For more than 50 years, Mt. Pleasant Animal Shelter has been providing exceptional care for homeless animals, working tirelessly to find a permanent, loving home for every cat and dog they serve.

Their priority is to save abandoned animals within the community. They also partner with shelters around the country to save at risk animals from being euthanized. Mt. Pleasant Animal Shelter never euthanizes any animal for time or space reasons. Adoptable animals reside with them until they find their forever home.

In 2023, Mt. Pleasant achieved:

  • 1,014 adoptions
  • 490 animals fostered
  • 15,000 hours of volunteer service provided
  • 250+ animals rescued from euthanasia
  • 3,000 pounds of food and other animal-related items donated to local community organizations, rescues, and shelters

Our team had a great time meeting Luna, who is in the picture above! Luna is a puppy Chihuahua mix who is super sweet and loves to be held in your arms and cuddled. If you’re looking for a new furry friend, why not look at all the adorable animals up for adoption at Mt. Pleasant:

As with every animal shelter, Mt. Pleasant can only do so much – there are 70 million homeless dogs and cats in the U.S. and 1.5 million unwanted animals are euthanized annually. Given the growing demands for Mt. Pleasant Animal Shelter to serve the community in more robust and enhanced ways, they shared with the CFNJ team their vision of a major project to improve and possibly expand their facility and broaden programming in the community. A vision focused on saving more lives. Keep an eye on Mt. Pleasant Animal Shelter’s website and social media for future updates on this exciting project!

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