The majority of our assets are granted from our family of Donor Advised Funds, and applications for these funds are generally not accepted. Additionally, the majority of our discretionary grants are in response to applications solicited by the Community Foundation directly from nonprofits that have programs relating to the current subjects of interest to the Foundation.

For Nonprofits

Automated Clearing House (ACH) is the Community Foundation’s preferred method of payment as it is an efficient and faster way to receive monies that are due to your organization. In order to take advantage of this payment method, please complete the ACH Enrollment Form.

Leadership Committee Grants

The Leadership Committee and CFNJ team have identified two broad categories for the kind of Leadership Committee grantmaking we intend to do:

  • Grants for highly engaging initiatives – which we call Changemaker work – that captivate the interest of our fundholders, engage them, and invite (and receive) their participation.
    • Examples of this kind of Changemaker work are the Food for Thought School Breakfast campaign, juvenile justice reform and human trafficking awareness and prevention (see here).
  • Grants that underwrite really important work around critical issues that may not yet have been identified as a CFNJ leadership initiative, and may thus not yet engage donors, but are nonetheless worthy of support. This kind of grant may fall into one of two categories:
    • A project or program of a well-qualified organization that captivates the interest of the Leadership Committee around an important issue but may not have broader donor appeal;
    • A ‘blue sky’ or venture capital approach to exploring an emerging issue that a non-profit could not otherwise afford to do.

The Committee will accept letters of inquiry as the primary means of receiving information about potential new leadership initiatives. Upon reviewing these LOIs, the Committee can request additional information from a potential partner in a more full-scale proposal.

Grant applications may be completed by an organization if a letter of inquiry has been approved for further consideration. Please direct any queries and send all applications to Margarethe Laurenzi at or 973-267-5533, x238.

Location-Specific Grants

The Community Foundation makes location-specific grants through legacy funds affiliated with Mercer County, Monmouth County, Morris County, and South Jersey.