Field Trip New Jersey helps school children in underserved communities across New Jersey connect classroom learning with real-life experiences by providing transportation funding for school trips to arts and culture, historical landmarks, nature preserves, science institutions, and college campuses. The Pi Chubb Newark Field Trip Fund, an endowment of the fund, will ensure that children in Newark experience the transformative power of field trips for years to come.

Who Can Apply

All public, charter and non-profit private pre-K-12 schools in Newark may apply twice per school year.

How It Works

  • Apply for funding by filling out a Field Trip New Jersey Application Form.
  • Go on the field trip! Take pictures and ask students to document their experience in letters, drawings, photos or poems.
  • Submit bus transportation invoices to receive reimbursement for field trip by email to within one month.

Field Trip Grant Details

  • Total funding per field trip will not exceed $700 and must be used for bus expenses only. A school may submit an application for multiple trips as long as the request does not exceed $1,400 and the trips serve different teachers and students. We encourage teachers to collaborate on trips and on the application process.
  • The fund gives priority to field trips in New Jersey that get students outside their districts, although we realize that sometimes there are adventures within the school district that will be appropriate. The fund is not for inter-school travel.
  • Schools may apply for funds to transport students on college tours in New York, Pennsylvania, Delaware, District of Columbia, and Maryland, as well as New Jersey.

To access the login page for the application, click here.

To view a sample PDF application, click here.

To view a sample Certificate of Insurance, click here.

For the required principal verification form, click here.   


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