Grant Guidelines

Based on the success of past years’ programs and thanks to the generosity of several New Jersey funders, we are pleased to offer Field Trip New Jersey grants to low-income schools across the state.

  • Schools in New Jersey with more than 65 percent of students eligible for free or reduced price lunches are eligible to apply.
  • All public and charter pre-K-12 grade schools are eligible. Specialized schools, such as community music schools serving a comparable student population, may also apply.
  • Each eligible school may apply twice per school year. Field Trip New Jersey will award a maximum grant of $700 per field trip. Funds may be used for bus expenses only, but may support more than one bus for the same trip.
  • Schools should work with bus companies and the field trip destination provider to make arrangements.
  • Field Trip New Jersey will reimburse the school district upon receipt of expenditure verification. Grant awardees will be required to submit a final invoice to receive payment. Payment will be made to designated payee no more than 2 weeks after receipt of invoice. Please note we can no longer pay the bus company directly.
  • The Field Trip New Jersey Fund gives priority to field trips in New Jersey that get students outside their districts, although we realize that sometimes there are adventures within the school district city that will be appropriate. The Fund is not for inter-school travel.
  • Schools may apply for funds to transport students on college tours in New York, Pennsylvania, Delaware, District of Columbia, and Maryland, as well as New Jersey.
  • Grants will be equitably distributed to eligible New Jersey schools to support a wide range of field trips. We are interested in having schools visit diverse institutions that offer different kinds of experiences to students.
  • A final report on your activities is required within 30 days of participation in the funded event. Field Trip New Jersey also encourages teachers to send student letters, drawings, digital photos, poems, etc. about their field trip experience. Impact documentation provides compelling evidence that inspires new donors to invest in the Field Trip fund. Teacher reports can be sent to:

Field Trip New Jersey is not responsible for ancillary expenses associated with the field trip. Schools are responsible for their own insurance (see example). Both the sending institution (school or non-school organization) and the institution to which students are traveling agree to indemnify and hold Field Trip New Jersey and its funders forever harmless from any damages which may arise from their part in the Field Trip New Jersey fund.