What is a Field Trip New Jersey grant?

Field Trip New Jersey is a grant program for New Jersey schools that want to provide experiential opportunities for students outside of the school environment but may not have the financial means to do so.

How can these grants be used?

Field Trip New Jersey funds can be used to visit arts, cultural, history, and science venues, explore New Jersey’s natural wonders, and travel to college campuses to help further student’s efforts to pursue a college education.

To boost your brainstorming around field trips, take a look at this list of opportunities and locations pulled together by our friends at the New Jersey Historical Commission.

Who is eligible?

Schools that serve a student population receiving 65% or more free and reduced lunch are eligible. Schools can apply for two field trips per year. This eligibility would extend to all public and charter Pre-K-12 schools, as well as some special interest (i.e., community music) schools.

How can I apply for a Field Trip New Jersey grant?

Click the Application tab at the top of this page.

How are grants paid?

Field Trip New Jersey will reimburse the school district directly upon receipt of expenditure verification. Grant recipients will receive a check approximately 15 days after receiving verification materials.