CFNJ Hosts Impact 100 Garden State Information Session

April 23, 2013

This time it was a $133,000 grant that had the Community Foundation’s conference room packed with nonprofit leaders.

Impact 100 Garden State, which was established by six New Jersey women just last year, organized the event to discuss the application process and parameters around their sole grant for 2013.

The organization replicates the “Impact” model of similar organizations around the country.  One hundred or more women are invited to join the group and contribute $1,000 each.  At a pre-determined date, in this case March 31st, membership is closed for the year.  The group accepts and reviews grant applications and then its members – constituting all those who contributed $1,000 – vote for one applicant to receive the grant.  The focus is on making a major impact with one large grant, rather than smaller impacts across more nonprofits.  The group plans to make one grant according to these guidelines per year.

For Impact 100 Garden State, 133 women will vote on which organization will receive the $133,000 grant – a hefty sum, especially for a group that was founded just last year.  Nonprofits that focus on Morris, Passaic, Somerset, and/or Sussex County are invited to apply.

At the information session, Carole Rogers, Bonnie Gardner, Kathy Teti, and Elisabeth MacDonald – four of the six founders – fielded questions from the audience.  Questions ranged from the types of programs that are eligible to the ways in which the granted monies may be used.

The Community Foundation of New Jersey is proud to work with these women in supporting the work of Impact 100 Garden State.

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