CFNJ-Sponsored Poll Finds Displaced Residents Negative on Recovery

November 8, 2013

Through its New Jersey Recovery Fund, the Community Foundation partnered with the Monmouth University Polling Institute to get a sense of New Jerseyans’ attitudes toward the recovery process.

The results, not surprisingly, were mixed.

Overall, about three quarters of survey respondents said they were satisfied with New Jersey’s recovery efforts.  But among those who are currently displaced, the opposite is true, with roughly 75 percent saying they feel they’ve been forgotten altogether.

Making matters worse, among the displaced, roughly half are having trouble paying their rent and a quarter expect to never return home.  Of those who were displaced but are no longer, attitudes were split evenly on the pace of recovery.

Here’s more from the poll:

Among those who participated in the panel survey of the most-impacted residents, 43% hope to be recovered before Sandy’s second anniversary next year, 31% say it will take longer than that, and 16% say they will never fully recover.

One-quarter (25% ) of those surveyed say their family’s employment situation has worsened since the storm – including 30 % of those still displaced and 20% of those who are back in their homes.

Click here for full results from the Monmouth University poll.