Education for Afghan Girls

Education for Afghan Girls - image of studentIn 2008, several local leaders became aware of the need to assist young Afghan women who have been denied an education in their own country with receiving a college education in the United States.

These leaders came to CFNJ to establish a fund to help young women achieve their dreams of attending high school or college in the US.

The Afghan Girls Financial Assistance Fund was created and has already been successful in assisting several women with their education.

The fund achieves its goals through a four-way partnership: a secondary school, an institution of higher learning, an American host family and the fund. The fund identifies promising young women, matches them with participating educational institutions and American host families and provides financial support to defray expenses not covered by the institutions or the host families.

Thanks to the generosity of the founders of this fund, a lasting impact was created and the women are now living out their dreams.