Fundholder Supports Rehab for New Jersey’s Birds of Prey

July 12, 2013

New Jersey is home to a broad variety of raptors including osprey, owls, and the iconic bald eagle. Many of these birds are listed as endangered or State Threatened species and some are even facing extinction. As natural habitats are lost or fragmented, the NJ Department of Environmental Protection calls on biologists, conservation groups and citizens alike to help protect NJ’s native bird species.

The Great Companions Fund, established by a CFNJ fundholder to care for animal companions and wildlife throughout NJ, has answered the call.

One of the fund’s recipient organizations is The Raptor Trust, a wild bird rehabilitation center located in central New Jersey. Recognized as a national leader in the fields of raptor conservation and avian rehabilitation, The Raptor Trust has advocated for NJ’s birds of prey for over 30 years.

CFNJ is proud to support The Raptor Trust in its conservation efforts and endeavors to help preserve NJ’s wildlife and natural habitats for generations to come. Contact CFNJ today to find out how you can support The Raptor Trust and other recipient organizations of The Great Companions Fund.

Visit The Raptor Trust by clicking here.