Glamour Recognizes AGFAF Scholarship Winner

April 16, 2013

The Afghan Girls Financial Assistance Fund (AGFAF) has made a world of difference for several young women from the politically-turbulent nation since 2008, and now Glamour is taking notice.  The fashion and lifestyle magazine recently named Noorjahan Akbar, a scholarship recipient of the fund, one of its 2013 “Top Ten College Women” list.  Of course, that was after Forbes named Akbar one of the top “Women Changing the World.”  And after Newsweek called her one of 150 “Fearless Women in the World.”

What do all of these honors have in common?  They’re well deserved.

When the founders of AGFAF came to the Community Foundation of New Jersey to set up the fund, they hardly could have expected the young women’s stunning achievements.

Here’s a bit about Akbar from our piece, “Education Makes a Fearless Woman”:

In Afghanistan, where she spends every summer break, Noor helped found a program called Voices for Hope which teaches creative writing to Afghan orphans. More recently, Noor co-founded Young Women for Change (YWC), an organization that seeks gender equality in Afghanistan. In this role, Noor led her fellow YWC members in a daring protest against harassment in downtown Kabul.

To support AGFAF or to participate in the program, visit your account in DonorCentral by clicking here or give us a call.