GuideStar Looks at Which Causes Nonprofits Serve

June 10, 2013

Civil society often reflects the social and cultural values shared by society at large. So when it comes to American social values and nonprofit activity in 2013, which causes receive the most support? The answer might surprise you. According to recent data from GuideStar, a nonprofit data and information hub, more U.S. nonprofits support Religious and Spiritual Development than any other cause.  Educational Institutions and Human Services are close behind, far outweighing the least-supported causes in Social Science Research Institutes, Science and Technology Research Institutes, and Medical Research.

What’s more, according to nonprofit statistics data from Urban Institute, the nonprofit sector has grown by 25% in the past decade, outpacing both business and government sectors.  As high-impact philanthropy and charitable work has grown against the odds of recession and economic turmoil, faith-based and community organizations or FBCOs have emerged as major contributors in areas of disaster relief, health and human services.

View GuideStar’s infographic “What Causes Do Most Nonprofits Serve?” here.