Hamilton Kindergarteners Visit Garden State Discovery Museum

June 22, 2016

Garden State Discovery MuseumKindergarteners from Greenwood School in Hamilton Township recently enjoyed a day at the Garden State Discovery Museum in Cherry Hill.

The students experienced numerous hands-on exhibits and took part in an interactive class on the five sense.

According to one of the teachers, “our students do not typically have opportunities to visit a museum like this, so the smiles and laughter from our students was the most enjoyable part!”

The visit to the Garden State Discovery Museum was made possible with a grant from Field Trip New Jersey, an endowment launched by the Community Foundation of New Jersey and Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation to take students into new places that have the power to awaken, hush, awe, enrich, or otherwise positively change their lives.

To learn more about Field Trip New Jersey, please visit www.fieldtripnj.org or email info@fieldtripnj.org. To donate toward future field trips, please click below.

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