Helping Combat Veterans Cope… through Paper

January 23, 2014

Thanks to a $135,000 grant from our friends and partners at Impact 100 Garden State (learn more about them here), more New Jersey veterans will be able to “recover from the physical, emotional and psychological pain of combat” through the art of making paper.

Here’s the neat part: the veterans shred old fatigues and turn them into handmade paper on which they write about their experiences in the military.  According to the Daily Record, “[c]ompleted works become a potential means for reconnecting and reintegrating with family and friends.”

“We deconstruct, reclaim and communicate,” says David Keefe, Combat Paper NJ director and Iraq War veteran, to the Daily Record. “It’s the perfect marriage of concept and medium. It transforms the material, the artist and the viewer.”

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And to learn about how and why Impact 100 chose to support this innovative program, click here.

Photo credit: The Daily Record.