Helping Kids Cope with Childhood Anxiety Disorder

July 9, 2013

Kids are known for being afraid of the usual round-up of scary things: spiders, the dark, monsters under the bed.

Most of the time, kids outgrow these fears and move on to more rational concerns like paying rent, first dates and graduating from college. But according to a recent New York Times article, one in five U.S. children is affected by childhood anxiety disorders that can last into adulthood.

Based on estimates from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, childhood anxiety goes beyond the bogeyman; it actually inhibits kids’ social development and their ability to try new things or cope with change. Click here for the full article.

As awareness of childhood anxiety grows and treatment options become more available, parents are better able to help kids manage anxiety.

After losing their son on September 11, 2001, Herb and Andrea Ouida established the Todd Ouida Children’s Foundation in honor of their son, who had successfully managed to overcome debilitating childhood anxiety.

Working to support access to psychological services for children and families, the Ouida Foundation has given more than $1 million and partnered with local school programs like Zippy’s Friends, which helps kids develop emotional coping methods.

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