Impact Jersey Coast Announces Three Grants of $112,000 Each

April 11, 2018

Impact 100 Jersey Coast, a women’s philanthropic group that collectively funds high-impact grants to qualified nonprofits in Monmouth County, has announced they will award three grants, each for $112,000 in 2018. Since its inception in 2015, the organization has awarded $391,000 in grants to projects from 180 Turning Lives Around, the Mental Health Association of Monmouth County, and Covenant House New Jersey.

“This year, three worthy projects will have the opportunity to change our community for the better–and ultimately that’s what makes Impact 100 such a fantastic organization,” said Anna Diaz-White, Executive Director at 180 Turning Lives Around. “The Impact 100 Jersey Coast grant enabled us to get a brand new project off the ground, and because of their seed funding, we were able to leverage additional support from the County of Monmouth, the Prosecutor’s Office and other non-profit service providers who are ‘lending’ their staff to the effort. The funds had a multiplier effect and we simply couldn’t have started this without their support.”

The 2018 total awards being granted represent the combined giving of 336 women. “In 2015 we started with 11 women and the thought of funding a six-figure grant was an aspirational goal… a dream,” said Deirdre Spiropoulos, Co-founder and President of Impact Jersey Coast. “Our rapid growth underscores how local women are inspired to join together and take action. I’m incredibly proud to be part of this collective of passionate and committed women who care deeply about our community.” Impact 100 Jersey Coast is one chapter of a rapidly growing philanthropic movement which began with the original Impact 100 in Cincinnati, Ohio in 2001. Impact 100’s worldwide collective giving has more than tripled since 2007 and has raised over $1.2 billion for nonprofits. Rowena CrawfordPhillips, Grants Chair of Impact Jersey Coast recognizes the growth and says, “We are thrilled that in just three years our membership has grown to the point that we’re able to provide three grants to help those in need in Monmouth County. It’s testament to both the collective concern for those that are underserved and the collaborative support for the many worthy organizations working so hard to meet their needs.”

In the Impact 100 model, every woman donates $1,000 which is then pooled, making a more significant impact collectively than their single donation could make on its own. One hundred percent of every dollar raised goes to programs. “Impact is a concept that clearly resonates with the women in our community, and we have only begun to tap into this powerful model for collective change. We look forward to extending and deepening our reach across all of Monmouth County–both to new members and to the nonprofits addressing the most pressing needs of our residents. We are also proud to help support the efforts of other chapters already springing up in other counties in our state,” said Heather Burke, Co-founder and Vice President of Impact Jersey Coast.

Applying for a grant is a two-step process – Interested 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization in Monmouth County should visit the organization website at and view the How to Apply section to review the eligibility requirements and to access the online application. The online eligibility application deadline is May 18 and the final application is due on or before June 1.

Nonprofit organizations in Monmouth County that seek funding can submit a proposal for a transformational project that will extend their reach or increase their impact. Grant applicants are required to focus on one of five grant categories – Arts and Culture; Children and Families; Education; Environment, Parks and Recreation; or Health and Wellness. Focus Area Committees (FACs), comprised of members, evaluate grant applications. After a thorough analysis and financial review, semifinalists are selected and site visits are scheduled. Finalists will be announced in October and asked to present at the Annual Membership Meeting in November. Members each vote at the Meeting and the organizations with the most votes are declared the grant recipients.