Introducing our new socially responsible investment option

November 16, 2017

Among the benefits of a donor advised, legacy, or scholarship fund at the Community Foundation of New Jersey is the tax-free growth of your fund over time. As your fund balance increases, so too does your ability to have an impact on the communities or causes you care about most.

While you always have the option to invest the dollars in your fund however you like, the Community Foundation has traditionally offered four in-house options: the Flagship portfolio for the long-term, the Balanced portfolio for growth and reasonable income, the Knox Hill portfolio for a more conservative approach, and the Stable Value portfolio to preserve principal in the short-term.

Today we introduce a fifth option: the Parnassus portfolio, a socially responsible approach that invests with low turnover and high conviction in approximately 40 holdings that meet rigorous environmental, social, and governance criteria. The portfolio includes companies that excel in the areas of:

  1. Corporate governance and business ethics
  2. Employee benefits and corporate culture
  3. Stakeholder relations
  4. Products, customers and supply chain
  5. Environmental impact

In addition to its strong performance history, the Parnassus portfolio enables you to “do good” with your investments even before you “do good” with your grantmaking. If you would like to invest a portion of your fund in the Parnassus portfolio today or in the future, we would be happy to make this simple update for you.

To discuss your fund’s balance or overall investment strategy, contact our CFO, Susan Soldivieri, at 973-267-5533 or

To review the allocation and average performance histories of any of these portfolios, visit