Juvenile Justice: Q.D.’s Story

March 20, 2014

The following is a client narrative from the Post-Disposition Advocacy Project (“the Clinic”). For more on this important issue, click the “Juvenile Justice” tag below.

Q.D., age 19, while in custody of the Juvenile Justice Commission, was experiencing an excruciating toothache that made the entire left side of her face feel piercing pain.  Q.D. reported the problem to the nurse and was told a dentist appointment would be scheduled.  Two months later, Q.D. still had not seen the dentist and had only been given pain medication, twice a day.  After the Clinic contacted the Attorney General’s Office and insisted that Q.D. receive the necessary medical attention, a dentist’s appointment was scheduled for the next day.  The dentist identified that two of her teeth required root canals.

At the Community Foundation of New Jersey, we put heavy emphasis on seeking out critical and overlooked challenges such as these. And so when we learned about Q.D.’s story (and others like it) and the work of the Post-Disposition Advocacy Project, we decided to act.

Our Leadership Committee moved quickly, deploying a $30,000 grant to support the Project’s work in providing legal representation to incarcerated youth. But now we need your help. Your contribution to this worthwhile effort will allow us to ensure more of New Jersey’s incarcerated youth have legal representation and are treated according to the law.