Start here, go anywhere: MiracleFeet eliminating physical disabilities worldwide

Great ideas come in all shapes and sizes, though they almost all need a little structure or organizing before becoming reality. At the Community Foundation of New Jersey, we have incubated great ideas that have morphed into impact-driven funds or even nonprofit organizations of their own.

MiracleFeet is one of them. This international nonprofit organization – which started as a fund at the Community Foundation of New Jersey – is on a mission to eliminate the leading cause of physical disability worldwide. As Nicholas Kristoff of the New York Times said, “I wish that skeptics of humanitarian aid could have seen the baby get care from MiracleFeet and emerge with feet as good as anyone else’s. Now she’ll be able to walk and run, go to school and hold a job, support herself and her country. And the total cost? Less than $500 for transforming a life.”

We couldn’t be more proud of this now-international nonprofit organization that is changing countless lives on four continents.