Multiplying the effect of our philanthropy

April 14, 2020

The magnitude of the COVID-19 pandemic is challenging so much of the thinking around philanthropic giving, and stirring up an urgent desire for impact. Donors want to make things better now.

We’re hearing this sentiment from the countless New Jerseyans we help give in ways that are personalized, precise, and flexible, but above all, effective. It’s why we’re combining our own resources with the investing power of those we serve to double down on the impact we can make on our shared communities.

Our multiplier effect means that:

  • $954,322 that CFNJ fundholders granted out during the week of March 30th, is multiplied by
  • $1,922,249 that fundholders granted out the week of April 6th, which is multiplied by
  • $20 million that’s been raised by the New Jersey Pandemic Relief Fund through April 13th, which is multiplied by
  • $12,000 that companies like American Water are granting directly to their employees through employee crisis funds, which is multiplied by
  • 11,400 hours the CFNJ staff have spent in the past month identifying COVID-19-specific needs, talking with nonprofit partners about their response work, and connecting purpose-driven individuals, families, and businesses with the most pressing giving opportunities.

We’ve learned a lot over this past month, including just how fortunate we are to be among and serve such a giving community. Now we’re ready to multiply our own learnings and impact over the next month. Please click for more ways to give, a brief on the CARES Act, and updates from the New Jersey Pandemic Relief Fund.

We’re available seven days a week and most hours of the day to talk through any of this with you. Please don’t hesitate to call or email any member of our staff.