Newark’s Central High Heads to Salem

June 8, 2016

PSEG_1Last month, students from Newark’s Central High School traveled all the way to Salem County to see firsthand PSE&G’s Energy and Environmental Resource Center. Here’s how PSE&G describes the innovative center:

The Energy & Environmental Resource Center, or EERC, is an exciting learning center focused on building a greater understanding of energy, environmental challenges, and strategies for balancing energy demand with environmental stewardship. Designed to promote broad conversations around energy use and the complexities of climate change, the EERC presents the real facts about electricity use and environmental impacts so that visitors can come to their own conclusions about our nation’s energy future.
PSEG opened the EERC in January 2010. The facility is housed in the former Nuclear Training Center in Salem, NJ. Over 20,000 square feet of the 65,000 square foot facility is dedicated to public use, including 6,000 square feet of interactive exhibits. The exhibits explore the impact of technology, lifestyle, and public policy on energy consumption and the environment and challenge visitors to consider their own energy use and carbon footprint.

The visit to PSE&G’s Energy and Environmental Resource Center was made possible with a grant from Field Trip New Jersey, an endowment launched by the Community Foundation of New Jersey and Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation to take students into new places that have the power to awaken, hush, awe, enrich, or otherwise positively change their lives.

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