Plan Ahead: New Donor Portal Coming Soon

April 22, 2022

The team at the Community Foundation has been working hard to implement a new donor portal system, which will improve your experience at the Community Foundation and provide up-to-the-minute fund information.

We are excited to launch this system in June 2022 and want you to be aware of these temporary impacts to your grant recommendations:

  • Unfortunately, we will be unable to accept any grant recommendations during the transition from May 20th through June 3rd. No donations/grant payments will be able to be sent during this time.
  • We will stop updating the current (outgoing) portal on May 20th. If you access the current (outgoing) portal after May 20th, please understand that the information may not be current.
  • We will resume accepting grant recommendations over the phone or email starting June 3rd. Please contact:
    • Diana,, 973-267-5533, ext. 3021
    • Vi,, 973-267-5533, ext. 3012
    • Lee,, 856-528-3385
  • We anticipate being able to accept grant recommendations on the new donor portal starting June 20th. You will receive an email invitation to the new portal at this time.
  • If you would typically make grant recommendations during this time, we encourage you to submit any grants you are contemplating prior to May 13th.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation as we make this transition.

Additional information on the improved donor portal will follow.