Poetry Slam Inspires Newark Students to Perform

May 25, 2016

group picStudents at Barringer STEAM Academy recently experienced something many had heard of, but none had personally seen – a poetry slam.

Produced by students at William Paterson University, with the support of a professional company, the slam inspired the Barringer students liked they couldn’t have imagined.

The students had the added experience of interacting with the college students after the show. That many of the college students were of similar socio-economic and cultural backgrounds was particularly inspiring.

But the learning hardly stopped there. Back at Barringer, the students decided to produce and perform their own poetry slam for their classmates.

The show took place earlier this month and, according to Barringer’s vice principal, it was “a complete success.”

The visit to the poetry slam at William Paterson University was made possible with a grant from Field Trip New Jersey, an endowment launched by the Community Foundation of New Jersey and Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation to take students into new places that have the power to awaken, hush, awe, enrich, or otherwise positively change their lives.

To learn more about Field Trip New Jersey, please visit www.fieldtripnj.org or email info@fieldtripnj.org. To donate toward future field trips, please click below.

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