The Reitman Foundation provides grants to support women and children at risk in NJ. Through education, support, and counseling, we believe that our funding will help to improve independence and productivity for women and children who demonstrate challenges in daily living.

The Foundation is governed by a board of five family members. In their role as funders the members of the board are committed to core beliefs that include:

  1. Ensuring that children receive the guidance, support and commitment to thrive and inspire hope for their future.
  2. Helping women & children find the hero within so they can build their self-esteem and become self-reliant.
  3. Providing equal opportunity for all.


Frank Reitman (1886 -1973) was a successful businessman and generous philanthropist who made significant gifts to institutions and causes he cared about. Frank’s successor, his son Ray, formed the Rockingham Foundation in 1970. A name associated with several Reitman enterprises, the foundation, funded interests important to individual family members and associated family enterprises.

A decade later, the Foundation was renamed the Reitman Foundation by shareholder Peg Reitman. Peg was a big believer in helping others and was a well-known leader in the community. Her legacy lives on in the mission of the Foundation which has been funded largely by contributions from Reitman Industries.

In 2009, Peg Reitman’s daughters restructured the Foundation by adding grant making and developed a strategic focus on at risk women and children. As of 2011 her granddaughters joined the Foundation and working together as a board of women, the group believes that they can add value and make a difference by giving a hand to other females in need.

Funding Criteria and Priorities

The Foundation focuses its grant making in Essex County, New Jersey, although it will consider funding New Jersey-wide organizations. It will fund a small number of organizations and projects, which will make a material impact on the lives of at risk women and children. Examples of the types of projects that have been supported by the Foundation include:

  • Enrichment, education and mentoring programs for at-risk youth
  • Advocacy programs for women and children in crisis
  • Educating through the arts

Important qualities that the Foundation seeks in its grantee partners:

  • Evidence of being an effective and dynamic organization.
  • Understanding of and credibility with the population it serves.
  • Quality of leadership.
  • An engaged and committed Board of Directors.
  • Urgency of need.
  • Diversity of funding base.

The Foundation will make available money for general purposes, seed money and support for special projects, including technical assistance. The Foundation generally makes one year grants, ranging in size from $5,000 to $15,000. It is the policy of the Foundation to fund organizations no more than three consecutive years.

Proposals are accepted by invitation only.

With questions, contact Aaron Turner, Chief Philanthropic Officer