Siegel Scholar Goes to Washington

When Joel and Shelley Siegel worked with the Community Foundation’s team to structure a scholarship fund, one of their top priorities was to “see firsthand the impact we were having on young people”. To that end, we’re pleased to share this note from Siegel Scholar Johnnie E. Brooker, a journalism and political science student at Marquette University.

As I am a week away from completing my semester in Washington DC, it really affirms my belief that time waits for nobody. I can recall my parents moving me into the Marquette University owned apartments like it was yesterday. This experience has been nothing but a blessing to me. I was immersed into DC’s competitive culture, delicious food, and interesting architecture. I have the esteem honor of interning for my Congressman that serves my home district of New Jersey, Congressman Donald Payne Jr. 

For three days a week, I was essentially a staffer in his DC office and then taking my college courses on Marquette’s DC campus, called the Les Aspin Center which is about 4 blocks away from the Capitol. One thing this semester taught me was that I give so much respect for those who work full time and are matriculating in school! Being able to receive the full DC experience has been a great privilege as I am pondering over future career and living plans. 

Without this scholarship, I would not have been able to have this great experience. I matured, grew, and learned so much during this semester. As a young leader, I am extremely confident to return to Milwaukee for my senior year and feel a sense of urgency to handle business because of my experiences on the Hill. This scholarship opened the door for this opportunity, therefore, I am extremely grateful!

The Siegel Family Scholarship gives out a minimum of four scholarships per year and sticks with the selected scholars for the full four years. The scholarship places special emphasis on students recommended by nonprofit organizations that the Siegel Family has long supported.

To learn more about scholarship funds at the Community Foundation of New Jersey, contact Faith Krueger or Colleen Smith at (973) 267-5533.