Somers Point Second Graders Visit Atlantic County Park

June 2, 2016

Field Trip Pic #2Second grade students at Dawes Avenue School in Somers Point recently visited Atlantic County Park to observe nature and connect what they saw to classroom learning. The students toured the Park’s nature center and learned about the various local species.

“On the field trip I learned about the different kinds of animals,” said one student. “A girl turtle does not have a dent. The boy turtle does have a dent on the bottom of the shell. We saw frogs. Every frog’s croaking sounds different. We saw humming birds. They were very small. Their eggs are very little, as big as your pinky nail. That is what I learned on our field trip. It was a fun day!”

As they toured the park, the students stumbled upon the veterans cemetery, which was full of tiny American flags in observation of Memorial Day. When the teachers explained why the flags were present, the students spontaneously recited the Pledge of Allegiance.

“It was very heartwarming for me to see the students grasp the meaning,” said one of the teachers.

The visit to Atlantic County Park was made possible with a grant from Field Trip New Jersey, an endowment launched by the Community Foundation of New Jersey and Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation to take students into new places that have the power to awaken, hush, awe, enrich, or otherwise positively change their lives.

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