Somers Point Students Visit Strathmere Beach

June 20, 2017

Students from the Jordan Road School in Somers Point recently experienced a beautiful beach day in Strathmere, New Jersey. The students participated in a beach cleanup, nature walk, and various eco-awareness activities. Below are a few student reflections and pictures from their amazing day.

Hillary: The beach day was very fun but also very impacting and how beautiful our world is and that we take advantage of it. Water is so useful to us today and we should help it by cleaning. In classes I have learned that in many places in the world water is not as nice and clean as others. Many us the water for brushing your teeth, cooking, drinking, bathing, cleaning our hands, and thousand other things. Math showed us that if everyone lived like for example me they would need six earths and for others even more. In the beach I look at all the water and think that there is so much but not all is drinkable and we are using more and more everyday. This trip made me think that we need to be careful about what we do because the beach holds life and it helps us so we should help it and be more wise will the decisions we make and think about the environment and not about just ourselves. Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to see this problem face to face and make we want to help others and the environment.

Kylie: Our class trip to Strathmere beach really impacted my perspective and appreciation for the environment. I feel that our beach trip really helped me to realize that we should appreciate our environment a lot more than we do now because a lot of people don’t have beautiful beaches in their area like we do. In the summer we go to the beach all of the time and we don’t even think anything of it. But, there are kids in other places, including our state, that don’t have beaches like us. The trip to the beach also helped to further inform my classmates in I on what we were learning in school. We recently finished working on our water projects and the trip to the beach really gave us a hands on experience of what we were learning about. Partially because of this beach trip I know feel more appreciative of our environment and all of the beautiful things around us. I know that the next time I go to the beach that I will remember all of the valuable things my teacher taught me about the environment while we were on this trip.

Connor: The Strathmere beach trip reminded me about the trouble in the environment in the ocean because I’ve seen a couple of plastic bags and driftwood on the bay of the beach. The environment at the beach reminded me of the Clean Marina Initiative essay I wrote because the Clean Marina Initiative is about keeping the environment clean in the ocean and protecting the marine life in the ocean. The Clean Marina essay was a school project for language arts which was about why my city Somers Point should join the clean marina because the beaches have trash from restaurants or from people littering from the boardwalk. If someone has a beach that is filled with wrappers, plastic bags, cans and wood, people should prefer the Clean Marina Initiative to clean up the beach.

This field trip was made possible with a grant from Field Trip New Jersey, which takes students out of the classroom and into new places that awaken, hush, awe, enrich, or otherwise positively change their lives.

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