Honoring the Life & Accomplishments of Steve Wiley

The Community Foundation of New Jersey is proud to host the Steve Wiley Memorial Fund, in honor of one of Morristown’s longtime and most effective champions.

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About Steve Wiley

Steve Wiley was a New Jersey State Senator, community advocate, veteran, attorney, and poet who laid the foundation for the Morristown we enjoy today.

Steve founded two businesses, the First Morris Bank and Trust, now part of Provident Financial Services, and Morris Cablevision, now part of Cablevision. Steve served in the New Jersey legislature from 1972 to 1977 representing Morris County and later ran for governor in 1985. While in the legislature, he chaired the Education Committee and was voted New Jersey’s top legislator by New Jersey Monthly.


A Morristown Visionary

Steve recognized that the future health of the Morristown community depended on a strong diverse, public school system. His
efforts to combine the Town and Township school systems avoided the segregation and decline that engulfed most other urban communities. His vision created the Morris Education Foundation, one of the first foundations in the nation supporting a public school system.

Steve also understood that Morristown’s future depended on the protection and improvement of the signature Morristown Green and he provided the leadership for capitalization of its future maintenance needs. He helped the Community Theater establish an anchor business presence which prompted an explosion of restaurants and local business transforming a stagnant downtown landscape.

Steve was an enthusiastic trustee and fundraiser for the Community Theater, the Morristown Library and the Morristown Green. He also served as president of the Morristown Unitarian Fellowship.


A Memorial for Steve

Thanks to the leadership of Steve Wiley, Morristown is a healthy and robust community enjoyed by so many. That is why a group of current community leaders and residents has come together to not only create the Steve Wiley Memorial Fund, but also protect and improve upon his many accomplishments. The group believes that a community celebration of Steve’s life should include a bronze statue of Steve (sitting with a book of his poetry) located at the Library along with a plaque describing his life’s work.

Your support of the Steve Wiley Memorial Fund will help the group reach its goal of raising the necessary $140,000 to fund a commission for the preparation and siting of the memorial.