Tracking NJ’s Recovery Online

September 4, 2013

Post-Sandy recovery efforts have been underway since the storm pummeled the East Coast last October.  While some areas have seen a faster recovery than others, NJ’s recovery process is still a massive undertaking.  But monitoring progress towards recovery in NJ just got a lot easier.  Data teams at Star-Ledger and recently collaborated on a new “app” that tracks key recovery indicators in the fifteen hardest hit NJ communities.  Aptly titled the “Sandy Recovery Scorecard”, the app measures progress based on FEMA grants and SBA disaster loans received by each municipality, number of demolition and building permits issued, and boardwalk renovation status.  Monmouth County’s Union Beach, for example, includes a Damage Assessment showing the number of structures damaged in the area as well as the level of damage sustained (click here for the Community Foundation’s work in Union Beach).  The data also show that construction costs reached $2.1 million in January 2013 as residential building permits saw a significant increase.

The Sandy Recovery Scorecard is an interactive, easy-to-use snapshot of how far we’ve come and how much remains to be done.  Information is updated regularly as data is submitted by each county.  Click here for the Scorecard.