High School Academic Support Program visits College Fair

October 5, 2017

The High School Academic Support Program (HSASP) hosted its annual trip to the National Fall College Fair in Suffolk County, New York, on October 1, 2017 and boarded the buses from the library with a Science High School student-led prayer.

Thanks to the generosity of the Alfred J. Speak Fund at the Community Foundation of New Jersey, as well as the Victoria Foundation, HSASP was able to charter three buses full of students and this year, six parents, and four Rutgers University volunteers.

HSASP thanked the Newark Public Library for being a long-term committed partner to the Program and the scholars who come through. The professional staff under the leadership of Mrs. Sandra Jones goes above and beyond to support the students and to ensure their success in every possible manner.

A total 137 students came from Arts, Barringer, East Side, Science Park, University, Newark Collegiate Academy, Newark Tech, West Side, University, Malcolm X Shabazz, North 13th Street, North Star, Technology, St. Benedict’s, Central, Cicely Tyson, Our Lady of Help Christian Academy, Rahway High, Union Catholic, STEM Academy, Christ the King, Mount Saint Dominic Academy, Mets Charter High School, and American History High.

HSASP also extended its gratitude to Calandra’s Bakery who donated delicious breakfast treats for the students and Ms. Brenda Scott and her family of social workers and community activists, (graduates of Barringer and Pathways to College Program) for the donation of cases of water and boxes of snacks.  HSASP provided Subway sandwiches for lunch.

Students had the opportunity to attend workshops: The Top Ten Mistakes Students Make on Their College Application Essays and 10 Application Tips to Get Into the School of Your Dreams, meet recruiters from the 400 colleges and universities, and obtain information on financial aid, SAT scores and the admissions process.

Because HSASP prepared the students beforehand, they did not have to wait in long lines for their admission ticket to be printed.  When the students visited the recruiters, they simply scanned their ticket which contained their pertinent information.

The students were prepared to ask questions and shown a video about financial aid and college admissions on the buses.

As HSASP visited several college stations, they were advised that the students had been there with great questions.

Because of the excitement generated by the students, HSASP shares several of their reflections:

MR (Barringer Arts): “This College Fair was the best experience of my life.  I am most interested in New England University. Just having this opportunity was a blessing.”

DM (University, Junior):  “The college fair was great; the experience was nice. I saw a lot of colleges I wanted to see and I asked the questions I needed to ask. I know where to start now.”

MK (University, Senior): “I am honestly grateful that I got the opportunity to be exposed to a variety of colleges. Today was my first time obtaining information on colleges I knew nothing about. This experience helped me narrow my decision on college choices.  Thanks so much for exposing us.”

SA (West Side): “Today’s College Fair was very interesting and very helpful. I say this because it helped me get a better understanding of the colleges that I wanted to attend and some that I didn’t even think about. Also, what I liked about this trip was all the staff members were kind and helpful and made me feel really welcomed.”


OA (Science, Junior): “It was one of the most enlightening experiences that I have had. It presented me with various college opportunities that would later define my future.  I most definitely found 10 colleges that caught my undivided attention. They all offered my possible majors: business, pre-law, engineering and applied mathematics. I also learned about scholarships that will help with financial turmoil. I really enjoyed seeing colleges in such a large scale because I enjoy flexibility and dislike restrictions. I like the fact that this College Fair helped me pull the pieces together.”

Mrs. R (PARENT): “This experience was great; I was so excited to see my daughter communicate with the colleges of her choice. She received lots of information and to see her so excited, laughing and eager to learn more but her choices and becoming independent before my eyes was beautiful. I praised this man, Mr. Brown and all the other staff members who take the time to care for youth like this. Push them to reach for the stars.  Thank you for caring for our youth and your dedication.   Some of the students were so determined go to the College Fair that they took an Uber to and from the Ironbound.