Update on School Bullying

December 12, 2013

Earlier this year we shared with you the facts on school bullying; in 2012 alone, more than 12,000 instances of bullying were reported.

Well since then, the State of New Jersey has compiled new numbers that point to major improvements in our schools.

The new numbers from the NJ Department of Education indicate there was a 36-percent drop in bullying from last year, with NJ schools reporting 7,740 bullying incidents.

According to NorthJersey.com, the Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights Act of 2011 is partially responsible for the drop, namely for its prevention programs, emphasis on awareness, and training for educators.

Statewide, reports of harassment, intimidation and bullying (HIB) have declined over the past three years – along with violence, vandalism and substance abuse.

When NJ first introduced the law in 2011, it was considered some of the toughest anti-bullying legislation in the country. Today, the success of the NJ anti-bullying serves as a model for other states to take a firm stance against bullying in schools.