Preschool Advantage

Research shows that children from disadvantaged families often arrive at kindergarten with a significant achievement gap in the knowledge, vocabulary and social skills necessary to compete and succeed in school. Preschool Advantage was established expressly to enable children in these financially-challenged families in Morris County and surrounding communities to enjoy a quality preschool education that can break the cycle of failure. Our own research shows that, while these kids do indeed enter preschool behind their peers, after only one year the gap closes very significantly. By the time they enter kindergarten they are well positioned to succeed. This is not only an issue for the child but also for society; every dollar invested in early education saves taxpayers up to $10. Providing the advantages of preschool to local children is the most cost effective way to build the future of our community. Here more about the importance of Preschool and the work of Preschool Advantage in this short video.