Hon. Ann P. Conti Scholarship

The Hon. Ann P. Conti Scholarship was founded to honor the legacy of Ann P. Conti. A graduate of Seton Hall Law School, Mrs. Conti was admitted to the New Jersey Bar Association in 1976. In 1982, Mrs. Conti was elected as Surrogate of Union County. Mrs. Conti won her fourth consecutive term in 1997. She had previously served as attorney for the Union County Board of Social Services. While raising her five children with her husband, Ralph Conti, Mrs. Conti had been a teacher of handicapped youth.


The Eklund Scholarship

The Eklund Scholarship will be awarded to an active member(s) of the Presbyterian Church in Morristown who has been accepted as a full-time student at an institution of higher learning within the United States during the 2024-2025 academic year. The student should be active in various church programs, scholastic activities, community service and must demonstrate financial need.


R. D. Hinsch Collegiate Sailing Scholarship

The R. D. Hinsch Collegiate Sailing Scholarship Fund will provide two scholarships up to $16,000 to a graduating high school senior or a student currently enrolled in undergraduate studies at a college/university within the United States who demonstrates an active and continued interest in sailing.  The award is payable in consecutive annual installments of $4,000 if continued eligibility requirements are met.  The total amount of the scholarship will be based on the number of years the student has left to complete a four-year bachelor’s degree.  In other words a scholarship recipient that is entering their junior year would be eligible for a maximum of an $8,000 scholarship payable over two years.


Kids in Business Scholarship

The KIDS IN BUSINESS®️ scholarship is a merit scholarship offered to individuals who are or have been associated with the KIDS IN BUSINESS®️ program (Newark, NJ) who wish to further their education at an accredited educational institution within the United States of America. KIB participation will be verified. The awardee will be a student whose character, personality, and leadership qualities are regarded as outstanding. The student may not necessarily be the top student in the class, but will have shown outstanding potential, merit and/or improvement.


Frank Mongelli Jr. Scholarship

Frank Mongelli, Jr. passed away at 22 years old on March 9, 2008 as the result of a drug overdose. The epidemic of alcohol/drug abuse continues to affect the entire country. In loving memory of their son, Donna Esposito and her late husband, Michael, established the Frank Mongelli Jr. Scholarship with the hope that through education, prevention and treatment, others might be spared from enduring the loss of a loved one so precious and irreplaceable. The scholarship assists students who are enrolled or accepted at an accredited college or university in New Jersey in a graduate program and plan to pursue a career in Substance Abuse/Addiction Counseling.


Austin O. Hooey Scholarship

The Austin O. Hooey Scholarship Fund provides one or more college scholarship awards ranging from $5,000 to $10,000 per year for four consecutive years to one or more graduating senior(s) of Chatham High School. The scholarship will be awarded based on financial need, academic performance, and merit. Austin Hooey, a longtime Chatham resident and one of the first female financial analysts on Wall Street, left $1.2 million to the Community Foundation of New Jersey for a permanent scholarship endowment for Chatham High School students.


The Tom Ladas Memorial Scholarship

Through his many civic, educational and corporate activities, Tom Ladas touched many our lives. Tom was “Businessman of the Year” in Parsippany, president of the Parsippany Soccer Club, founder of Pfizer Education Initiative, and founder and president of the Parsippany Education Foundation. The Tom Ladas Memorial Scholarship will be awarded to a graduating senior who best exemplifies the criteria established by the appointed scholarship selection committee and who exhibits traits that Tom himself would have praised. Applicants for this scholarship must attend either Parsippany High School or Parsippany Hills High School.


The Jonathan Maslow Scholarship

The Jonathan Maslow Scholarship is open to all RBRHS juniors and seniors who plan to continue their education at an accredited 2 or 4-year college immediately following their graduation. Scholarships will be awarded to students exhibiting exceptionally high levels of written proficiency, creativity, and originality, as well as an interest in local or national environmental causes, journalism, or creative writing. The scholarship award is $5,000. Jonathan Maslow, a 1966 graduate of RBRHS, was an accomplished author, journalist, documentary filmmaker, naturalist, and environmentalist. At the time of his death in 2008 he was an editor and columnist for the Herald News in Paterson, New Jersey.


Morristown Neighborhood House Scholarship

The Morristown Neighborhood House Scholarship is awarded to a graduating high school senior from Morristown or Morris Township who has an affiliation with Morristown Neighborhood House. The applicant may be pursuing a post-secondary education at a four-year, two year or an accredited nonprofit technical school (certificate program).


James L. and Ruby L. Murray Memorial Scholarship

The James L. and Ruby L. Murray Memorial Scholarship will provide one (1) scholarship to a graduating high school senior in the amount of $3,000, payable in four (4) consecutive annual installments of $750. Student must be a graduating senior student from one of the following four New Jersey high schools: Trenton High School, Ewing High School, Cherry Hill High School West or East Orange High School. The scholarship will be awarded based on merit. Award can be applied to tuition, board, and/or other mandatory educational fees. Awards will be made payable to the educational institution only. Only students who have already been accepted into an educational institution are eligible to apply. If you have not yet been accepted to a college or university, please do not apply at this time.

This scholarship is also available on the universal application.


Three Little Birds Scholarship

This fund was created by a family who have had the experience of trying many therapies for their children and realizing the financial burden it can place on a family. The various therapies over the years were very beneficial towards the success of their children. Their passion is now focused on helping other families who are wanting to provide essential therapies for their children but may not have the financial means to do so. Together, we hope to provide these special, wonderful kids the tools that they need to be successful in life.