The Community Foundation of New Jersey is pleased to work with Johnson & Johnson in support of the following funds:

  • J&J Family of Consumer Companies Fund
  • HealtheVoices™ Impact Fund
  • J&J Health Care Systems Inc. Fund (Information and Guidelines)
  • J&J Somerset County Companies Contribution Fund


HealtheVoices™ Impact Fund

Health-focused online communities and blogs have come to inspire, educate, and mobilize both patients and caregivers. Patients look to them for support and help in managing their condition better. This fund has been created by Johnson & Johnson to support innovative efforts by online health advocates to serve and assist online patient communities. Grants are available to US citizens or nonprofit organizations.

Resources for 2024 Applicants

Brochure | FAQs | Question List for Nonprofit Applications | Question List for Individual Applications

Applications will be accepted starting Tuesday, April 16, 2024. The due date is Tuesday, June 18th at 5:00pm Eastern. Applications will not be accepted past the due date, and the due date will not be extended.

Click here for the 2024 application.

Once you sign on, please look for either the 2024 HealtheVoices Nonprofit Application or the 2024 HealtheVoices Individual Application.

Important Information

  1. Please note that only U.S. Citizens or U.S. nonprofits may submit an application.
  2. Awards for applicants using the Individual Application cannot be awarded to an LLC or to a nonprofit. All individual awards are considered taxable income.
  3. Individual applicants cannot request that an award be given to a nonprofit organization.
  4. When someone is creating a new account in the online system, individual applicants should list their name in the organization section, as well as in the name section. There is no need for individuals to provide an organization name – a personal name can be used in that section.

Not sure what to include in your Impact Fund application? Check out this video from former Impact Fund advisor, Daniel G. Garza for guidance!

Any questions, please contact Nancy Magee at

Janssen Cares Contributions Fund

This fund accept applications on an invitation-only basis. Please contact Madeline Rivera at or at 973-267-5533 if you have any questions.

Johnson & Johnson Healthcare Systems Fund

The Community Foundation is pleased to partner with Johnson & Johnson Health Care Systems Inc., effective January 1, 2018, to facilitate their charitable contributions that support work in the community by nonprofit organizations. Please note that nonprofits focused on healthcare and basic needs in Somerset and Hunterdon Counties should apply directly to the Johnson & Johnson Somerset County Companies HealthCare and Basic Needs Fund and not to the Johnson & Johnson Health Care Systems Inc. Fund. For information, please contact Madeline Rivera at

This fund accept applications on an invitation-only basis. Please contact Madeline Rivera at or at 973-267-5533 if you have any questions.