JJHCS Information and Grant Guidelines

Johnson & Johnson Health Care Systems Inc. (JJHCS) is proud to partner with the Community Foundation of New Jersey, a nonprofit foundation, to facilitate and streamline the JJHCS grantmaking process for all charitable contribution requests.

Effective January 1, 2018, requests for funding must be submitted via the JJHCS charitable contributions RFP template, including applicable attachments, and submitted via email to Madeline Rivera at mrivera@cfnj.org.

While grant proposals will be accepted at any time, funding decisions will now be made four times a year, which will be at the end of January, April, July and October. Due dates for the applications to be reviewed during the April, July and October grant cycles in 2018 are: Monday, April 16, Monday, July 16 and Monday, October 15. You will be notified of funding decisions during the following month– i.e., in February for the January application period. Please plan accordingly and be sure to submit your application with enough time for review should your program be tied to an event date; funding will not be provided retroactively.

Please be sure to review our guidelines for giving, below. All requests will be evaluated against these focus areas for giving.

Also effective January 1, 2018: grant proposals focusing on healthcare and basic needs in Somerset and Hunterdon Counties (NJ) should be directed to the Johnson & Johnson Somerset County Companies HealthCare and Basic Needs Fund (requests meeting this criteria should not apply to the JJHCS contributions fund). If you feel your request meets this criteria, please reach out to Nancy Magee to learn more and understand submission deadlines.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact Madeline Rivera at 973-267-5533 or via e-mail (mrivera@cfnj.org).

Johnson & Johnson Health Care Systems Inc. Contributions Fund – Guidelines for Giving

Charitable contributions are provided to organizations that maintain tax-exempt status (eg, 501c3 organizations) located in and serving communities where Johnson & Johnson Health Care Systems Inc. has locations in the United States, including but not limited to: Hunterdon, Somerset and Middlesex Counties, NJ; Duval County, FL; Shelby County, TN; El Paso County, CO; Bristol County, MA; and Kosciusko County, IN. Preference will be given for initiatives and programs serving these communities and addressing:

  • Education
    • Higher education
    • Efforts to strengthen or enrich science, math, or technology
  • Health and social services
    • Basic needs of residents (food, housing, daycare, transportation, etc.)
    • Interventions for at-risk youth
    • Programs addressing basic health needs and promoting healthy lifestyles
  • Arts & culture
    • Access for economically disadvantaged or marginalized youth or elderly
  • Veterans causes
  • Environment & sustainability

Consideration will also be given to non-profit organizations in which our employees play an active role as volunteers. Requests for charitable contributions should be in support of programs or initiatives and are not a substitute for board dues.
For organizations that provide health care and basic needs services in Somerset and Hunterdon Counties, NJ applications must be submitted to the Johnson & Johnson Somerset County Companies Fund.


Some requests or categories may not meet our guidelines for giving. These exclusions include the following:

  • Requests in support of events or programs that are aligned with therapeutic areas (eg: walks/runs raising funds for research or programs, screenings, etc.); requests of this nature should be directed to the Johnson & Johnson operating companies that support the aligned therapeutic area
  • Unrestricted funds
  • Scholarships to individuals
  • Organizations that do not have a valid non-profit, tax-exempt status
  • Loans
  • Trips or tours
  • Sectarian and religious organizations that do not serve the general public on a nondenominational basis
  • Capital requests (building funds, endowments, multi-year commitments) are generally not supported
  • Political groups
  • Organizations whose missions/objectives do not meet our contributions guidelines
  • Donations to individuals or to a charity on behalf of a customer
  • Sponsorship of individual employee participation in a charity’s sporting event
  • Educational grants/research grants
  • Commercial Co-Ventures (CCV)