Johnson & Johnson: A Partnership for the Community

partnership providing healthcare - image of doctor and patientJohnson & Johnson’s credo is: “We are responsible to the communities in which we live and work, and to the world community as well.” Because six of its operating companies are a major presence here, the Johnson & Johnson New Jersey Community Fund (which also covers Hunterdon County) supports dozens of worthwhile organizations here.

Administered through the Community Foundation of New Jersey, the Fund forms a partnership for the community.

A partnership providing healthcare.

In health care, Johnson & Johnson focuses on the underserved and on projects that address prevention and the root causes of problems (while not neglecting disaster preparedness and relief).

The company has a long history of this focus, starting in 1900 when Johnson & Johnson employees pitched in to provide relief in the aftermath of the devastating Galveston hurricane.

In 1902, the company published a series of booklets for expectant mothers: real health information to counter the urban legends, folk remedies and proverbs that women had to navigate back then.

And in 1906, in the aftermath of the San Francisco earthquake, it set up field hospitals and donated the largest amount of medical supplies. Within hours, railroad cars were on their way from New Brunswick with gauze, sutures, bandages and more.

Today, this heritage is carried on in Johnson & Johnson’s support (through Community Foundation of New Jersey) of organizations such as the American Red Cross – Greater Somerset County Chapter. The company recently provided ten additional Disaster Health Kits for mass care shelters in Somerset County.

A partnership providing for basic needs.

In food, housing, daycare and transportation, Johnson & Johnson focuses on children and low-income residents who are underserved.

The company has a long history in this as well, starting in 1907 when women employees of Johnson & Johnson formed the Laurel Club. Monthly dues helped support the club’s charity work at New Brunswick orphanages, which included holiday parties, toys and clothing (hats, sweaters and mittens).

Today, this heritage is carried on in Johnson & Johnson’s support (through Community Foundation of New Jersey) of organizations such as America’s Grow-A-Row, the only group in New Jersey that grows, gleans and delivers fresh produce to soup kitchens, food pantries and food banks.

The greatest gifts.

The greatest gifts a company can give to its community are its time, talents and resources to make long-term, meaningful differences in people’s lives. Since its founding in 1886, Johnson & Johnson has maintained a strong presence in New Jersey and has consistently contributed to improvements in quality of life at the local, grass-roots level.

Today, the company works with community-based partners that have the greatest insight into the needs of local populations and the strategies that stand the greatest chances of success — outcomes that are measurable.

Over the years, Johnson & Johnson has learned from its philanthropic partners — especially from those closest to home, in Somerset and Hunterdon counties — the best ways to address the needs of communities throughout the world.

Please contact Madeline Rivera at to determine your nonprofit’s eligibility to apply to this fund.