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Reforming the Juvenile Justice System

We are committed to reforming New Jersey’s juvenile justice system such that it is truly rehabilitative, and the young people who will someday be released back into the community are ready to do so in a safe and healthy manner. We have partnered with the Rutgers School of Law-Newark’s Post-Disposition Advocacy Project to identify systemic challenges, rectify bad situations, and build a case for reform. Click here for more.

Preventing Human Trafficking

Beginning in the lead-up to the 2014 Super Bowl in New Jersey, we have worked to eliminate the scourage of human trafficking in New Jersey and beyond. Central to our efforts has been raising awareness of forced prostitution, and providing a lifeline for victims. We are members of the New Jersey Coalition Against Human Trafficking and a partner to the Junior Leagues of New Jersey’s State Public Affairs Committee. Click here for more.

Increasing Access to School Breakfast

As members of the Food for Thought: School Breakfast Campaign, we work to share the wisdom of the “breakfast after the bell” model, in which students are served a reduced-price breakfast after the school bell rings, not before. And the work is paying off. In 2015, New Jersey jumped 20 spots in national school breakfast rankings – higher and faster than any other state. We proudly partner with Advocates for Children of New Jersey. Click here for more.

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